Safety & Travel Smarts

Safety & Travel Smarts

Costa Rica can be counted among the safest countries in Latin America. Since decades, Costa Rica has been the destination for tourists from around the globe, many of them having returned a number of times, because it is such a beautiful and safe place to travel. Not only the low crime-rate, but above all its very friendly inhabitants make this country a perfect holiday destination. Nevertheless, it is still advisable to take standard safety-measures such as:

  • Do not leave luggage unattended in your car
  • In crowded places, carry your valuables on your body
  • Do not leave valuables unattended at the beach
  • Take part of your money in traveler cheques or use a credit card

Safety deposit boxes for your valuables.

Adventure Safety

Pay attention to warning signs, recently a tourist decided to ignore a “No swimming. Crocodiles inhabit this pond” warning with tragic consequences. If the trail looks too dangerous, turn back, even if there are no warning signs, this applies specially around volcanoes and mountains. Also, beware of dramatic changes in temperature atop mountains. Do not cross rivers or estuaries that flow into the sea. Rivers can turn into huge torrents in matters of minutes from upstream rain so be cautions while bathing.

Perhaps the most dangerous part of our country are the beaches which every year claim tourist lives. Be very respectful of waves, riptides and the ocean in general. Stay always near other bathers, do not swim into the ocean, even if you are a good swimmer. Be specially wary of open beaches, which tend to prolong in a line, as opposed to safe harbor horse-shoe shaped bays. Be cautious while bathing in any beach with a river mouth.